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      Product features(Feiluoka PL series precision planetary gear reducer)

      For the circular flange output, is economical and practical, cost-effective, high precision, good rigidity, high bearing capacity, high efficiency, long life, small volume, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, accurate positioning and other characteristics, suitable for DC AC servo motor, servo motor, stepper motor drive.

      Models are divided into:PL40、PL60、PL90、PL120、PL160、PL200

      First rate: 3、4、5、6、7、10.

      Backlash: 5-10arcmin.

      Two stage speed ratio: 9、12、15、16、18、20、24、25、30、32、36、40、48、64、100.

      Backlash: 7-12arcmin.

      Three stage ratio: 60、64、72、80、90、100、120、144、150、180、200、216、240、256、288、320、384、512、1000。

      Backlash: 9-15arcmin.

      Application area(Feiluoka PL series precision planetary gear reducer)

      Precision machine tools, welding equipment, automatic cutting equipment, packaging equipment, solar energy, industrial robots, medical equipment, printing equipment, precision testing equipment, such as the use of automatic numerical control equipment.

      Model and marking(Feiluoka PL series precision planetary gear reducer)


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