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      Product features(Feiluoka PLF series precision planetary gear reducer)

      PLF series square flange design, simple and convenient installation dimensions.

      Model points: PLF40、PLF60、PLF90、PLF120、PLF160、PLF200 base model.

      Speed ratio: 1-1000 has 22 kinds of speed ratio can be selected; divided into one or two, three variable speed drive.

      Accuracy: first transmission accuracy in the 6-8 arc, two transmission accuracy in the 8-10 arc points, the three transmission accuracy 12-15 arc points; more than 1000 kinds of specifications.

      Application area(Feiluoka PLF series precision planetary gear reducer)

      Servo planetary reducer can be directly installed on AC and DC servo motor, widely used in the industry of medium precision. Such as: printing machine, flame cutting, laser cutting, CNC machine tools, machine tools, food packaging, automation industry, industrial robots, and automated mechanical and electrical products industry.

      Product performance(Feiluoka PLF series precision planetary gear reducer)

      PLF series precision planetary gear reducer provides high performance, wide application, economical and practical advantages, long service life, in the application of servo control, played a good effect on the servo rigidity, accurate positioning control in operation platform with low backlash, high efficiency, high input speed, high input torque, smooth operation, low noise. With fully enclosed design, lifelong maintenance.

      Model and marking(Feiluoka PLF series precision planetary gear reducer)


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