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      Performance characteristics(Feiluoka X/B Cycloid reducer)

      1. the reduction ratio of the cycloidal reducer is larger, the efficiency is high: the first drive reduction ratio is 9 ~ 87, the two-stage transmission deceleration ratio is 121 ~ 5133, and the multi-level combination can reach tens of thousands, and the meshing surface has no relative sliding, so the primary reduction efficiency is 94 %.

      2. the gear wheel speed reducer is stable and low noise: the number of tooth contacts at the same time, large, smooth operation, strong overload capacity, low vibration and noise, small noise of various specifications.

      3. the use of reliable, long life: because the main parts are high carbon alloy steel quenching treatment ( hrc58 ), and the cycloid tooth and zhenchitao mesh transfer to the needle gear rolling friction, small friction coefficient, little wear, durable.

      4. compact structure, small size: smaller than 1 / 3 of the weight of the other reducers of same power, because of the planetary transmission, the input and output shaft are on the same axis to obtain the smallest possible size.

      Technical parameters (Feiluoka X/B Cycloid reducer)

      Reactive power rate(kW):             0.37~55 

      Transfer moment(N·m):               150~20000 

      Drive ratio(single-stage):           9~87   

      Drive ratio(two-stage):              121~7569    

      Drive ratio(level 3):                2057~658503

      Model number selection(Feiluoka X/B Cycloid reducer)

      1. selection table of single gear reducer type specification


      2. selection table of the model number of the Double reducer


      Installation form code number(Feiluoka X/B Cycloid reducer)


      Rated output torque meter(Feiluoka X/B Cycloid reducer)


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