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      Product features(Feiluoka LSJ series wire rope hoist reducer)

      Electric hoist motor.

      The use of advanced grinding technology and shape modification technology, high bearing capacity, reliable operation, low noise.

      Integrated double-sided safety brake, quick response, low wear, low noise, safe and no vibration braking.

      Long center distance, easy to install large diameter drum.

      U base structure design, installation is simple, save space.

      Anti leakage performance, reliable sealing, more widely applicable conditions.

      Product form(Feiluoka LSJ series wire rope hoist reducer)

      Transmission series: 3.

      Installation: hanging installation.

      Output shaft: solid shaft of involute spline.

      technical parameter(Feiluoka LSJ series wire rope hoist reducer)

      Base number:               QZ3201~QZ40000

      Lift mode:                     dual speed braking / variable frequency braking

      Operating system:                M4-M7 (ISO) /1Am-4m (FERM)

      Lifting weight (T):               3.2~40

      Lifting speed (m/min):             0.66~8.0

      Input power (kW):                0.44~29.2

      Application industry(Feiluoka LSJ series wire rope hoist reducer)

      Wire rope hoist, electric hoist, crane lifting system.

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