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      Performance characteristics( feiluoka WB series cycloidal pin gear reducer )

      1. the WB micro reducer adopts on-obital and high efficiency single-stage transmission, can reach 1: 87 ratio, efficiency is more than 90 %, if multistage drive, the deceleration ratio is greater.

      2. the compact size of the cycloid reducer is small due to the principle of planetary transmission, the input shaft output shaft is on the same axial lead, so that its model gets the smallest possible size.

      3. there are many teeth number of number of teeth, big overlap coefficient and mechanism of balance of mechanism, so that the vibration and noise are limited to the minimum extent.

      4. the main parts of reliable and life larger use high carbon chromium steel material, the quenching treatment ( hrc58 ) obtains high strength, and part of the transmission contact adopts rolling friction, so the durable life is long.

      5. design reasonable, convenient maintenance, easy to disassemble installation, minimum number of zero parts and simple lubrication, so that the cycloidal pin reducer is trusted by the users.

      Technical parameters (feiluoka WB series cycloidal pin gear reducer)

      Work rate:                            0.04 kW ~ 3.0 kW

      Turning moment:                         25 N·m ~ 250 N·m

      Drive ratio( single-stage ):                9~87  

      Drive ratio( two-stage ):                121 ~1849

      Basic model(feiluoka WB series cycloidal pin gear reducer)

      1 single speed reducer speed models are WB65, WB85, WB100, WB120, WB150.

      Reduction ratio were 9、11、17、23、29、35、43、59、71、87.

      2 double reduction models have WBE1065, WBE1285, WBE1510 type.

      Reduction ratio were 121、187, 289、385、473、595、731、989、1225、1849.

      Model and marking ( feiluoka WB series cycloidal pin gear reducer )


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