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      Performance characteristics (Feiluoka WP series worm gear reducer)

      1. the transmission smooth, vibration, impact and noise are small, the reduction ratio is large, versatility, and can be used with various mechanical equipment.

      2. it can obtain larger transmission ratio and compact structure with single stage transmission, and most of the reducer have good conditions for autolocking, save braking device for mechanical equipment with braking requirements

      3. the meshing friction loss of worm gear and worm gear tooth surface is greater, so the transmission efficiency is lower than gear, easy heating and high temperature.

      4. higher requirements for lubrication and cooling.

      5. hupeixing, worm and worm are made according to national standard, bearing, oil seal, etc.

      6. the xiangtixingshi has a basic type ( vertical or horizontal structure with dijiaoban ) and study6 B1 T `3 E2 o" ( box body is cuboid, and manifold is provided with a fixed Screw hole, without a variety of knots such as bottom plate or bottom plate )

      7. the input shaft connection mode has basic ( single input and double input shaft ) and with motor flange.

      8. the output and input shaft position direction have input shaft on the under; The output shaft is up and down; Enter direction and down.

      9. two or three reducers can be used to form a multistage reduction unit to obtain maximal transmission ratio.

      Working conditions (Feiluoka WP worm reducer)

      1. the worm speed of worm gear reducer can not exceed 1500 r / min.

      2. the working environment temperature is - 40 ℃ - + 40 ℃, when the working environment temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the lubricating oil must be heated to above 0 ℃, and cooling measures must be taken when the working environment temperature is higher than 40 ℃.

      3. the worm gear reducer can rotate reversely.

      Model and marking (Feiluoka WP series worm gear reducer)


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