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      Product overview (Feiluoka RV series worm reducer)

      RV series worm reducer is designed and manufactured according to the technical standard of Q/MD1-2000.

      According to the above products in accordance with the national standard GB10085-88 worm wheel parameter based worm reducer to learn the most advanced technology, a unique new kind of "square box" outside the box appearance, structure, quality Aluminum Alloy die-casting.

      RV worm gear reducer has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, transportation, water conservancy, chemical, food, beverage, textile, tobacco, packaging, environmental protection and other industries of mechanical process equipment, speed reducer, praised by users, is the best choice for the modern industrial equipment to achieve large ratio of low noise, high stability and mechanical gear drive control device.


      The performance characteristics (Feiluoka RV series worm reducer)

      1, mechanical structure compact, lightweight, small and efficient;

      2, good heat exchange performance, fast heat dissipation;

      3, the installation is simple, flexible and nimble, superior performance, easy maintenance;

      4, large transmission ratio, torque, high overload capacity;

      5, smooth running, low noise, durable;

      6, applicability, safety and reliability.

      Technical parameters (Feiluoka RV series worm reducer)

      Power: 0.06KW ~ 15KW

      Torque: 2.6N ~ m ~ 2379N ~ m

      Transmission ratio: 7.5-100

      Mark (Feiluoka model and RV series worm reducer)



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