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      Product features (Feiluoka heavy P series heavy-duty planetary gear reducer)

      Highly modular design, according to the requirements and K/R/S series of changes in the portfolio.

      The chassis is highly flexible and offers numerous options.

      The utility model has the advantages of compact structure and high torque, and is suitable for heavy load conditions.

      Large transmission ratio, high efficiency, smooth operation, low noise.

      A plurality of planetary wheels transmit loads simultaneously, so that the power is divided to realize the synthesis and decomposition of motion.

      Product form(Feiluoka heavy P series heavy-duty planetary gear reducer)

      Planetary transmission series: Level 2 or level 3.

      Input form: N for the standard (coaxial), S for the first oblique parallel shaft, L for the first cone straight axis, K for the first level of bevel - helical gear shaft.

      Output: solid shaft (flat key, involute spline), hollow shaft (locking plate, involute spline).

      Technical parameters (Feiluoka heavy P series heavy-duty planetary gear reducer)

      Base number:               P2/09~P2/34 


      Output torque(kN·m):      22~1920 

      Reduction ratio :          25~4000

      Input power( kW ):         0.4~9551 

      The application of industry (Feiluoka heavy P series heavy-duty planetary gear reducer)

      Widely used in light industry, food, beverage, chemical, escalators, automatic warehousing equipment, construction machinery, iron and steel, metallurgy, papermaking, wood-based panel machinery, automobile manufacturing, tobacco machinery, water conservancy, printing and packaging, pharmaceutical, textile, building materials, logistics, feed machinery, environmental protection and other fields.

      Type specification examples (Feiluoka heavy P series heavy-duty planetary gear reducer)

      1. examples of basic model specifications


      2. examples of motor direct linkage representation methods


      3. an example of the method of connecting the input method


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