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      Product features(Feiluoka R series helical gear reducer)

      Highly modular design.

      Coaxial output, product diversification.

      High torque density, wide speed range, compact structure.

      The use of advanced grinding technology and shape modification technology, high bearing capacity, reliable operation, low noise.

      Good sealing performance, applicable to a wide range of conditions.

      High transmission efficiency, energy saving.

      High cost performance, less maintenance.

      Product form(Feiluoka R series helical gear reducer)

      Drive series: single-stage, 2, 3 or multi-level series combination.

      Installation form: base installation, Flange Type installation, small flange installation, mixing installation.

      Output shaft: solid shaft.

      Technical parameter(Feiluoka R series helical gear reducer)

      Seat No:                     R37 ~ R167

      Output torque(N·m):           130 ~ 18 000

      Reduction ratio:               3.37 ~ 229.31 (IMAX: 18126)

      Input power:(kW):             0.12~160

      Applied industry(Feiluoka R series helical gear reducer)

      Widely used in light industry, food, beer beverage, chemical, escalator, automatic storage equipment, construction, machinery, iron and steel, paper, wood-based board machinery, automobile manufacturing, tobacco machinery, water conservancy, printing and packaging, pharmaceutical, textile, building materials, logistics, machinery, environmental protection and other fields.

      Model and marking(Feiluoka R series helical gear reducer)


      Mounting form(Feiluoka R series helical gear reducer)


      Motor line junction block location(Feiluoka R series helical gear reducer)


      Structure sketch map(Feiluoka R series helical gear reducer)



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