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      Reducer installation Reducer lubrication Specification for maintenance inspection of reduce

      The installation area of the reducer should be separated from the thermal radiation. If installed in a very hot, very cold place, there must be cooling measures and heating lubricant to ensure the normal start-up measures.

      The concrete foundation or metal base plate of the reducer must be rigid enough; the anchor bolt should be buried deep enough, and the thickness of the gasket should not be less than 1 mm when it is leveled by the gasket; so as to ensure the stability and deformation of the load when it is running.

      Level finding should be carried out separately with power machines and working machines.

      The accuracy requirement of the leveler is generally 0.02-0.05 m m/m. The extended surface of the leveler in the horizontal plane of the body or the machining surface parallel to the horizontal plane is required. The higher the accuracy of alignment, the better. The compensating ability of the coupling to alignment error should be considered. The tolerance should not be greater than 10% in general, and the translation error should not be less than 0.1 mm.

      The rust inhibitor and antiseptic on the shaft extension must be cleaned before the coupling and sprocket on the shaft extension can be installed. Remove rust inhibitor and preservative, do not use sandpaper, file, scraper and other tools easy to damage the shaft surface. If a heavy hammer is not applied to the coupling and sprocket, the method of thermal expansion and cold contraction should be adopted.

      When the sprocket and belt pulley drive on the shaft, the axial force generated by the pulley is best directed to the mounting base.

      Hydraulic coupling is used for connection with power plant. Since the mass of the hydraulic coupling is large and there is a large centrifugal force when starting, the gravity of the hydraulic coupling should be avoided. The centrifugal force acts on the shaft extension of the reducer, that is, the hydraulic coupling should not be suspended on the shaft extension of the reducer, but should be supported together with the power machine. So the supporting points of the shaft extension do not generate additional bending.