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      Geared motor

      R, K, F, S four series reducer using the modular design principle of the unit structure, greatly reducing the types of components and inventory, but also greatly shorten the delivery cycle.
      High transmission efficiency, low energy consumption, superior performance, bearing capacity, low temperature rise, long life.

      Planetary Reducer

      P, PX, PL, PLF series planetary gear reducer, seat configuration is flexible, can provide many options. Compact structure, large torque.
      Large transmission ratio, high efficiency, smooth operation, low noise. A plurality of planetary wheels transmit loads simultaneously, so that the power is divided to realize the synthesis and decomposition of motion.

      Gear box

      H B industrial gearbox, highly modular design. Parallel output and direct output. Transmission torque distribution curve is excellent, suitable for heavy load condition.
      The use of advanced grinding technology and shape modification technology, high bearing capacity, reliable operation, low noise.
      The box is made of high quality casting to improve the mechanical strength and seismic performance. A large number of installation options.

      Commutator/Screw lifter

      T series spiral bevel gear commutator adopts spiral bevel gear structure, which has stable transmission, low noise, small vibration and strong bearing capacity.
      SWL series screw hoist can be used alone or in combination, according to a certain program to accurately control the height of the lift or advance, can be directly driven by the motor or other power, you can also manually.

      Special reducer

      LSJ series direct drawing equipment special reducer, and the water tray integrated design, the inside into the water hole, return hole, drum cooling, cooling water discharge.
      Input unloading structure, good sealing performance, long service life. QZ series wire rope hoist reducer, the use of integrated double-sided safety brake, fast response, low wear, low noise, safe and non vibration braking.
      Long center distance, easy to install large diameter drum. U base structure design, installation is simple, save space.


      General reducer has RV, WP series worm reducer X/B, WB series cycloid reducer, G series of fully enclosed gear reducer.
      Universal transmission has MB series planetary friction type stepless speed variator.