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      1. Hotline:
        021- 60706389

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      Workshop Equipment Testing Warehouse

      1. Equipment
      2. Feiluoka gear reducer used modular technology and sophisticated world, set research and development, manufacturing, reducer sales and service in one. The main production of gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, universal reducer, transmission and a variety of industry applications reducer.

      1. Machining
      2. Feiluoka heavy finishing equipment mainly horizontal machining center, vertical machining center, CNC grinding machine, hobbing machine, CNC lathe, CNC boring machine etc.

      1. International Market
      2. Feiluoka heavy industry has a strong ability of independent research and development, design and manufacture of various products to fill the gaps in the industry, has created 150 patents, the company has import and export right, the products are exported to Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and other more than and 30 countries and regions, the FLK brand reputation in the international market.